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Here at Coral Isle Swim Pools, Inc., we are the area’s only authorized dealer of Hot Springs Spas and we are determined to helping you find the hot tub that fits your family size, personal style, and busy schedule. We’ve got everything from advanced water care and filtration systems to soothing, massaging jets – our hot tubs are designed to rejuvenate you both physically and mentally, to make you feel your best!

There are plenty of reasons to buy a hot tub – pain relief, massage therapy, entertainment – you name it! Often times, we’ve found that our customers are more satisfied with their purchase than they had imagined. Relaxation awaits you, too! Choose from one of our three distinct collections and find your perfect match today.


These hot spring spas are designed to provide ultimate enjoyment, the easiest ownership experience and the absolute lowest energy costs. Through advanced engineering we deliver innovations such as our intuitive controls that make using your hot tub a simple joy – no-bypass filtration for water that is filtered 100% of the time and multiple layers of foam insulation for maximum energy efficiency. These exclusive features and many more make the Highlife Collection of hot tubs unlike any other hot tubs available.


The revolutionary ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is based on innovative diamond technology. It uses very low levels of salt in your hot water (about the level of drinking water) to automatically generate the precise amount of natural chlorine and oxidizers needed to keep the water clean.


All Freeflow spas use Plug-N-Play technology and come with a GFCI power cord that can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet, allowing you to start enjoying your hot tub right away. Simply fill it up, plug it in and enjoy!


You know why you want a hot tub. The reward of a muscle-soothing soak after a hard workout. The promise of a relaxing retreat at the end of the day. The fun of sharing an enjoyable experience with family and friends. You also want the best value. And while you do appreciate a good bargain, you know there's a lot more to it than price. Value is a brand you can trust, it's quality features that work and stand up to everyday use, easy care, low maintenance, energy efficiency, service that's there if you need it and backed by a solid warranty. Value is features and quality at a price that fits your budget.


Designed to provide the utmost in quality and relaxation, all wrapped up in breathtaking contemporary style. With sophisticated sculpting throughout the acrylic shell, stunning points of multi-color light and powerful jets for all parts of your body, you can sit back and relax knowing you've chosen the best. With a Limelight Collection hot tub the warm water you crave is ready when you are – day in and day out.


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